The kind of atmosphere you have been searching for...


No more apprehensions about whether your Awesome Treasures are being cared for appropriately, behind your backs. At True Vine Creche, and with the assistance of well-trained nannies and caregivers, we give your Treasures the best care ever!

From 3months
to Graduation in Colors


The Pre-school section of True Vine Creche is specially-prepared to give the children a good head-start in their academics.

We lay a solid foundation for children aged 24months to 5+.

The teaching approach is child-centred. The child is encouraged to learn at his/her own pace without total abandonment to free play.



 Busy Bees - 24months+
 Awesome Treasures - 3yrs+
 Twinkling Stars - 4yrs+

(24 months+)


The Busy Bees​

Learning should be FUN

TVC Busy Bees Class provides the children with pre-school experiences such as; art, craft and construction activities, sand and water play, dance, adventure play, music and movement, books and stories and many other practical life experiences.

The children are presented with the opportunity to socialise with other children as they get more engrossed trying to figure out the flow of activities and emotions in their immediate environment and the world around them.  

Making learning ...


The Awesome Treasures, Twinkling Stars is just the place to be. Through discovery and play otherwise known as hands-on-learning, our children are ever evolving into skilled and confident young scholars, who stand out anywhere they go.

In Nursery, the children are exposed to lots of story-telling, reading and writing. Exploration of the world around them, role play, stirring imagination, arts and crafts, music and dance empowers the children with skills and concepts requisite for counting , recognising colours and shapes, builds coordination and fine motor skills.